Linshell Rules. as of Jan 25th.

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Linshell Rules. as of Jan 25th. Empty Linshell Rules. as of Jan 25th.

Post  Darkara on Fri Jan 09, 2009 6:52 am

1. You may not have another Sky/Engame oriented LS, This does not include Dynamis/Limbus shells. Anyone found with another Sky/Endgame LS equipped will be dealt with accordingly, this can include being removed from the LS.

2. LS Events will be posted days ahead of the time there scheduled so you will have ample time to figure out if you are able to make it, therefor you are required to attend enless you make a post stating you will not be able to attend or notify a sackholder.

3. ToDs are not to be shared will other LS's, Anyone found doing so will be subject to disciplinary action which can include being removed from the LS.

4. Everyone is going to be asked to designate a Main/Secondary job, these will determine what you are able to lot on. Your designated Main will carry more weight then your Secondary. The "Lot Priority list" will determine what mains are able to lot, when these mains pass or all the main have attained a given item lot priority will fail to the Secondary's.

5. We are competing with all other Sky/HNM LS's, Interactions with other Sky/HNM LS's are to be dealt with diplomatically. They are not to be harassed or hounded about camping against us.

6. Money items will now be /random'd for at the end of every god run session. People that received gear drop during each session will not be able to /random for them untill those that have not recieved gear all have received a money item. After every death of a god one designated sackholder will lot all the money items that are to be /random'd on later. Once god runs have been completed the values will be checked via FFXIAH and /random'd on before we leave sky, Highest value items will be randomed first.

Please feel free to post comments/suggestions in the "Comments" area of the forum.

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