Farming Run Tuesday Febuary 17th. 6PM CST.

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Farming Run Tuesday Febuary 17th. 6PM CST.

Post  Darkara on Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:30 pm

Great run last tuesday fellas. It lasted longer then i would have liked but we were able to get a fair amount of items for the times we spent.

Here are some things you should be aware of/remember.

- Be ontime, 6PM CST is the gather together time, i will expect everyone to be in sky and rdy to go by 6:30.
- Runs are to last 3-4 hours depending on our target pop items or NMs.
- Please try to stay together and move as a group, many of our members don't know their way around yet.
- Sub dancer is NOT sufficient for keeping sneak (and sometimes invis) up at all times. 2 stacks of oils/1 stack of
powders will be needed for every run. Most of the time you will not use them all, but better to be safe.
- Always be aware of whats around you, if your unsure of something ask, most of our members are very new to sky at this point.

I will see you all in sky on Tuesday!

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