God Pop items and Run days.

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God Pop items and Run days.

Post  Darkara on Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:40 pm

This Post will be updated weekly with the amount of pop items attained per week as well as the days planned to use them.

#of Pop items for...

Gem of the north - 1 (Ararax,Darkara,Taka)
Winterstone - 4 (Darkara,Ararax,Taka,Kaelehb)

Gem of the east - 1 (Darkara,Ararax)
Springstone - 1 (Darkara,Ararax)

Gem Of The South - 2 (Darkara,Taka)
SummerStone - 1 (Darkara)

Gem of the west - 0
Autumnstone - 0

Seal of Genbu - 0
Seal of Sieryu - 0
Seal of Suzaku - 0
Seal of Byakko - 0

Ro'Maeve Waters - 0

The God Fight Days of the Week are [???&???]

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