Our own Vent server! (Thanks to Linh!)

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Our own Vent server! (Thanks to Linh!) Empty Our own Vent server! (Thanks to Linh!)

Post  Darkara on Fri Feb 06, 2009 6:58 pm

Linh was awesome enough to setup our own private vent server. For those with a PC you will need to download Ventrillo and set it up.
This will be an invaluable tool for us while farming or during god fights. I will make a tutorial for installing and setting up Ventrilo on PC soon for those that will want it.

Server address: La2.ugt-servers.com
Port# 21419
Pass: salzman

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Our own Vent server! (Thanks to Linh!) Empty Ventrilo Installation & Setup Tutorial

Post  firepixiedarien on Sun Feb 08, 2009 7:32 pm

Ventrilo (often shortened to "Vent"), is a free voice chat program that is widely used by MMO players to communicate.

This tutorial will guide you through the entire process of getting the program, installing it, and setting it up for use.

Without further ado, let us begin!:

1. IF your current OS (Operating System) is "32-bit", then go to this link

2. IF your OS is "64-bit", then go to this link instead

3. Regardless of which link you visit, at the bottom of that page should be a button called "I Agree", click it and a pop up window should come up asking if you want to download the file, do so.

4. After it's downloaded, locate wherever it is you saved it to (in my case, I saved it to the desktop), and double click it to start the installation process

5. In the first window of the installation it should say something like "Welcome to the Ventrilo client for...", on this window click "Next", on the next window click "I accept the license agreement" then click "Next", click "Next" for the next two windows, until the last one where you just click "Finish"

6. Now an icon of a face with a headset should be placed on your desktop, double click it

7. Now the actual Ventrilo program is open, but you're not done yet. In this screen click on the top most "->" symbol, which is the one next to "User Name"

8. In the next screen that pops up, click "New", then enter your desired user name (which preferably will be your ingame character name) then click "OK", then in the next screen, click "OK" again

9. You should now be back to the main menu of the program (where it says "User Name", "Server", and "Bindings"). This time, click on the middle "->" symbol (the one next to "Server")

10. In the next screen click "New", then type in "PandorasBox" (without the quotes) as the name of the server. You can actually name it anything you want if it'll help you to remember that the server you're connecting to is the PandorasBox server.

11. After you type in the name for the server, click "OK", now in the box next to "Hostname or IP" type in "La2.ugt-servers.com" (without the quotes!)

12. In the box next to "Port Number", type in "21419" (without the quotes!)

13. In the box next to "Password", type in "salzman" (without the quotes!)

14. Now click "OK" and you should be back at the main menu again. This time click "Connect"

15. Congratulations! You've logged into the PandorasBox voice chat server! There's only one last thing to do: click "Setup", and in this next screen in the box next to the word "Hotkey" click it (the box), and then press the button you wish to use to "Push to Talk". For example, mine is set to the button "F12", whenever I push and hold down "F12" on my keyboard people will be able to hear everything I say, but only while I have the button pushed down. Set this to whatever button you feel comfortable with, but also make sure it's not a button that will interfere with your gaming.

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